Josh AND marli

Together, we have over 15yrs experience in the Australian Army. We have a passion to help others in the community and share a love for a healthy lifestyle. We are both qualified Group Instructors- Josh is a qualified Personal Trainer who has a huge passion for group fitness. He believes all abilities and ages should be welcomed and involved in the Tribe, as we both believe in being the best possible version of your self. To ensure this Josh incorporates his love for strength and military style training, whilst catering to individual needs.  

Josh was an experienced soldier in the  Army and and honourably discharged as a Sargeant and has also pursued a career as an Underground coal miner. This journey lead us to creating an enviroment of like minded people within the community around us - the TRIBE.

We have 2 young children and want to share this with them and provide them with an understanding of what a Tribe is and the benefit of having an awesome team of people around you.

Who We Are - Family and friends are our reason 'why' and what is truly important to us. We have both served in the Australian Army and have 2 beautiful children. With this life experience, we are driven to teach and share a healthy lifestyle with our family and freinds. Our approach is directly bridged from our passion and past experiences. We are on a mission to help as many people as we can, to improve lives and enable a long, happy and prosperous life to all we meet. To do this we are building a TRIBE of people who want to share this with us.


AIM - Working as a team we gain far greater results than when we work out or train on our own. Tribe Training is all about building our tribe, our community, our team, and ourselves both physically and mentally. To be the best possible versions of ourselves. No one in our tribe gets left behind. We unite together, we work together, we grow together.

- Over 100+sessions/month
- Free child minding
- Group training/Bootcamp,Boxing/HIIT, Strength, Conditioning
- Weekly email/recipes
- Individul progress, fitness tracking

- Small group and Personal Training




Been doing Bootcamp for 3 months now and never thought I would love exercise until I started Bootcamp. I recommend it to anyone. You meet lovely people. Also made some new friends. We have lots of laughs while exercising. All because of Josh. He always makes it fun and encourages you. Always Positive. Can't get rid of me now Josh. Haha.

Wendy Berryman

Redland Bay, QLD

If I could rate Tribe Training 10 stars, I would. I feel more energized, healthy and motivated than I ever have and it's all because of you, Josh. Sessions are great and are always different and fun. Such a great community of people too. Kudos to you Josh! Looking forward to watch Tribe Training grow into an exercising empire!!!

Natalie Parsons

Mount Cotton, QLD

I have to say josh I never thought I was going to love training this much,you and the tribe have made me so welcome and I can't imagine my life without tribe training now I look forward to every session,it has change my life already I am so much more happier and getting more healthier by the day I have learnt so much already thankyou for being a great trainer and motivator!

Julie Went

Redland Bay

Josh AND marli


906 German Church rd

Redland Bay, QLD,  4165

Mob: 0413 504 799/0424 362 889


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