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Josh AND marli

Together, we have over 15yrs experience in the Australian Army. We have a passion to help others in the community and share a love for a healthy lifestyle. We are both qualified coaches with a huge passion for group fitness. We believe all abilities and ages should be welcomed and involved in moving daily, as we both believe in being the best possible version of your self. To ensure this we incorporate our love for strength and military style training, whilst catering to individual needs.  

We were both experienced soldiers in the  Army since that time have begun our journey to develop a lifestyle and mindset that we can continue with for the long term not the short term.

We have 2 young children and want to share this with them and provide them with an understanding of what a Tribe is and the benefit of having an awesome team of people around you for support and that community mentallity.

Who We Are - Family and friends are our reason 'why' and what is truly important to us, we are driven to teach and share a healthy lifestyle with our family and friends. Our approach is directly bridged from our passion and past experiences. We are on a mission to help as many people as we can, to improve lives and enable a long, happy and prosperous life to all we meet. To do this we are building a TRIBE of people who want to share this with us.


We continually educate ourselves in different training styles and methodology to keep interesting and varied.

- Over 100+sessions/month
- Free child minding
- Group training, BoxFit, HIIT, Strength, Conditioning, Kids/Youth, Yoga
- Weekly email/recipes
- Individul progress, fitness tracking in your own App


My second home and second family. Extremely friendly and supportive environment. High energy classes with great vibes not matter what time of day. The main reason why I love this place so much is that its based around family and lifestyle. I love that I can bring my son to a morning and afternoon class everyday and be able to enjoy my workout knowing he is being well looked after in the awesome creche they provide. Couldn't recommend a better place.

Sammy - Redland Bay

3 weeks in and absolutely LOVING tribe! Not only were Josh and Marli soooo welcoming, every single Tribe member was too! joining a fitness group can be soooo daunting and was well out of my comfort zone, not to mention quite often filled with people who’s egos are too big for their heads! But I can honestly say from day 1 I was made to feel like part of the tribe family, and so was my Daughter to anyone wanting to get moving and make a healthy change but are anxious about taking that first step and joining a group I would 100% recommend giving Tribe Training a go. I went from thinking I’ll go twice a week to getting hooked and adjusting my lifestyle so I could go every day, even excited to go to bed on a Sunday because I know I get to wake up and go to tribe on Monday Affordable memberships to fit everyone’s lifestyle, lots of activities for the kiddies at Crèche, great facilities, workouts that leave you feeling fantastic, and one big AMAZING Tribe family can’t thank you guys enough!

Chloe - Mount Cotton

Stop scrolling and join! You’ve probably heard of Tribe, seen the shirts and the Tribe car getting around the Redlands and maybe you are a bit unsure if it’s as good as we carry on about.. well it is it’s first of all fun, which is a great starting point for training. Everyone is extremely welcoming and we all know how it feels to be new and unsure so everyone makes sure you’re comfortable and forget that intimidating feeling which comes with regular gyms. Josh and Marli go alright too focus is family, friends and health. Crèche is AMAZING, 45 min kid free every morning.. need I say more? I’ve been at Tribe for almost 3 years and it’s my second home now, really really recommend giving Tribe a go.

Rebecca - Mount Cotton

Tribe Training for me is more then just working towards my personal heath and fitness goals, it is my designated “me” time to strengthen my mental health with a amazing and supportive dedicated trainers by my side pushing me to limits I never thought possible. The support I receive from the trainer helps me stay accountable and drives my motivation to push past my comfort zone! I love the versatility and challenges in each session, broadening my knowledge every time. Without a doubt Tribe training is my happy place and it brings me so many benefits I never knew could be possible!it’s not just a gym it’s an amazing safe place!

Chloe - Cleveland

I’ve trained for many years in different gyms, situations and independently, but I’ve never felt so supported and motivated as I have at tribe. The inclusive environment that they create can do nothing more than motivate each individual for success. Nothing is an issue and everything is tailored for the individual to reach their physical and mental goals. Wouldn’t train anywhere else, these guys are the GOAT!!!

Robert - Mount Cotton

Josh AND marli


906 German Church rd

Redland Bay, QLD,  4165

Mob: 0413 504 799/0424 362 889

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