Tribes first ever In-house war games! This is for all ages and abilities!!


We will have several heats and each team will get a crack at all the workouts and scores by a panel of judges!


Mixed teams M/F or F/F:

Category 1 - under 40yrs

Category 2 - 40yrs over


Date: 16th July 2022

Time: Kicks off 8am (finish unknown)


Three workouts per team......all workouts will be conducted n one day!


So bring snacks, bring your support crew and prepare for a big day!


Top Three teams from each categorie will get a prize!


The fees to enter will be put towards some prizes etc………


Please ONE person purchase your teams spot in the category you will compete in!

Please write your team members or team name in the comments at check out!

Tribal WAR Games!