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SaverTooth Mouthguards is an Australian owned and run company, manufacturing custom fitting mouthguards for professional and amateur athletes of all ages. All design and completion of your custom SaverTooth Mouthguard are carried out by qualified dental technicians with years of experience and only the latest in thermoforming technologies are used, producing a comfortable, protective well-fitting mouthguard that will allow you to focus on winning your athletic event.

With sports nowadays pushing the boundaries of human performance and taking sports science into consideration, getting the most out of athletes is vital, that’s why it’s important that mouthguard technology moves with the times. Most people presume that all mouthguards are made equal and perform the same. This is NOT the case. Custom mouthguards are far superior in every way over the simple “Boil and Bite” over the counter store bought variety which tend to fall out of the mouth and their bulky ‘one size fits all’ interferes with breathing and communication with your team mates.